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Adriastar Hotels & Resorts is a hotel management company envisioned in the year 2006
and officially established in January 2007.

Adriastar team of internationally recognized managers
from different areas of tourism and property development
working together with an additional team of young,
motivated and highly educated colleagues to provide
the best of hotel management practices in Croatia
and the region.

Adriastar has the ability to quickly and efficiently present
the hotel to tour operators and international markets
providing a higher occupancy rate and overall revenues.
Our relations with the main tourism suppliers date from
years ago and assure a partnership cooperation and support.

All this is achieved with an effective marketing plan
and sales strategies learned and tested specifically
for the Croatian and regional market.

Due to reputation of our managers and systems in place,
most of the sales are made well in advance with a steady
increase during the year.
The power of our existing properties creates an economy
of scales and guarantees presence in the sales market.

Adriastar Hotels & Resorts services include:

  • Operations management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Centralized purchasing
  • Human resources
  • Business strategies
  • Quality control
  • Finance and controling

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